Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hello friends!
Well... I am here in Budapest!! Can you believe it? I know. The flights went well. On the first flight, There was a personal movie player on each seat. Each one had games, music, movies, extras, and more. They were a lot of fun. This device passed a lot of the time. I watched A BUGS LIFE and a little bit of MULAN with Cecilia. When we got off that flight, we were getting ready for our next flight from Amsterdam to Budapest but our flight was delayed many times and for a long period of time because of weather problems. We got some brekfast and we talked for a long time in a little cafe. Finally we got on the second plane but by that time, I was exhausted! I fell asleep before the plane took off and I woke up after we landed. I had missed the entire thing. The first plane trip should have been seven hours long but it only took us six and a half. The second flight was only two hours long. Once we got to Budapest, we took a very short (and I am talking about fourty seconds to one minute) bus ride to the airport because we didn't land right by the airport. Two men took us in their coolio red van to our hotel. One of the guys was very attractive. I even got a picture. We got to the hotel and we saw Elliot, another student over from our school. We talked to him for a while and then went exploring. Jazmine wasn't feeling very well so we stopped at a very small shop and we bought a few things with
Mr. Needleman's money because we didn't have the right kind. While we were waiting, I walked down the street (in eyesight, I must add) only about 100 feet away or half a block away and everyone was looking for me. I had come back many times so I was just pacing and looking in the store windows and everyone started freaking out. People are so so so weird. From there, we went exploring. We went down the longest escalator I have ever seen in my entire life, and went on the subway. We walked to an awsome resturant that was designed like a castle. Our waitress was very nice to us. We ordered so much food. There were literally like, seven or ten different kinds of meat. It was very good. After we paid, we came home and I talked to Cecilia and out on my swimsuit and went swimming for about an hour. It was fun. We had races, competitions, and just plain fun. I took a shower so I would be squeaky clean. Now I am here writing to all of you: my friends, my family, and my strangers. I am going to do Cecilia's nails tonight and hang out with Sophia and Jazimine. We will talk, talk, play games, and talk some more. In the morning I will try to wake up early to go swimming with Cecilia and maybe Kate (a wonderful shaperone. We love you!). I am not tired because of jet lag. I think I am almost used to the timezone, th9ough, so I should be okay tomorrow. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow or sometime on my trip because I have some wonderful ones. I have this great view from my window. *sigh* It is beautiful. I will go now and hang out with Cecilia. I love all my friends and I miss you all so much. Good bye!


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